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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Boy A! Brooklyn, New York Newborn Photographer

He really stole my heart. Besides a fun session I had some fun one on one time with baby A and even got to feed him while he stared right into my eyes. When the camera wasn't on him he gave me all the giggles, smiles and baby talk a girl could ask for so I left feeling super special. We managed to capture some on camera smiles and he definitely gave that intense eye contact to the lens!

Baby A & Family became camera shy but I didn't want to loose Mom's beautiful comment!

I cannot wait to see you next time Baby A!


  1. OMG!!! the pictures of my precious baby and myself are wonderful!! I look at them and just want to crying lol!!! NAS, you did a wonderful< wonderful job my bbe looks heavenly.. THANKS CBogie for the referral

  2. Picture are amazing!!!!!

  3. These pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I have to use her for my photos when the time comes......