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Sunday, August 30, 2009

the babies they love me :) Brooklyn, New York Child Photographer

I was so happy when Baby N's mom called be for her 1st birthday pictures. I hadn't seen her since her newborn photo session. As soon as I saw this sweet little girl she reached out to be as if it was only yesterday that we were together. I feel so special because Mom says she doesn't go to others easily. We had so much fun in Brooklyn Bridge Park. I got to see her new moves as she just started to walk.

a quick flashback to our first time together...

Friday, August 28, 2009

H20 Orange! Brooklyn, New York Photographer

It must come from being the mommy of a boy that I love things like trucks, construction sites, and hydrants. Whenever I travel I try to get photographs of the local fire department, and I always get fun shots of colorful hydrants. I loved these two in bright orange. The first was from a very fun trip to Mystic, CT that I will always remember, and the second is from a great trip to Baltimore, MD.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One Happy Family Brooklyn, New York Family Photographer

What a fun family! These two boys gave me a run for my money, especially the youngest. It was his first time ever having professional photos taken and it took him a while to warm up to me but I had fun chasing him around the park. Whenever I photograph boys I spend half of the session chasing them around. It seems to be their favorite part. It was fun to watch the boys with their Dad and he seemed to having a blast as well! This is one funny family and they had me laughing the whole time.

Thanks for the laughs!

Baby Boy A! Brooklyn, New York Newborn Photographer

He really stole my heart. Besides a fun session I had some fun one on one time with baby A and even got to feed him while he stared right into my eyes. When the camera wasn't on him he gave me all the giggles, smiles and baby talk a girl could ask for so I left feeling super special. We managed to capture some on camera smiles and he definitely gave that intense eye contact to the lens!

Baby A & Family became camera shy but I didn't want to loose Mom's beautiful comment!

I cannot wait to see you next time Baby A!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Dolls & Free Love! Brooklyn, NY Wedding Photographer

I had a ball with these two! From the moment they called me for an engagement shoot I knew we would have fun. We spent a very hot morning in DUMBO, BK capturing their super fun and very sweet relationship! I am impressed that they are so on point and have locked in their 10-10-10 wedding date. Love it!

Free love and dolls hanging out catching a breeze. This is why I love being out and about during photo sessions... we definitely would not have seen these things in the studio!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Arabic Wedding Reception! Brooklyn, New York Wedding Photographer

I had such a new, interesting and fun experience during this great party. The wedding ceremony was held at an earlier date and I was called in to photograph the women's wedding reception while the men's wedding reception was going on downstairs. It was very different for me as I could not photograph anyone but the bride and groom and only certain parts of the party. It was hard holding back but taking in the festivities made up for it. Once all the men left the women were able to take off their black coverings which is called a hijab. There were so many pretty and colorful dresses popping out everywhere as they got ready to dance and party the night away.

Though I cannot share much I would like to share the bride's beautiful henna.

Baby B! Brooklyn, New York Child Photographer

After rescheduling for a month and a half due to rained out session dates we finally got to have some fun. We met on a very hot day at the Brooklyn Promenade which is one of my favorite place for sessions. He stole my heart right away with those big beautiful eyes and chubby cheeks! This session went through phases as Baby B's mood changed every so often.

He started out shy...

Then I got him going...

...and the chase was on...

I chased him for most of the session and then got him to take a breather... such a cute pouty face!

I let him take a few pictures and then he was fascinated with the camera.

Such a beautiful family...

Thanks for having some summer fun with me!