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Monday, December 28, 2009

Aryn & Sal | Brooklyn, New York Wedding Photographer

First I have to say how much I absolutely adore Aryn. She is an amazing, loving, and caring person who is super organized and it showed on her wedding day. Aryn is a teacher and Sal is a fireman; what a couple! I have been looking forward to this day since the engagement shoot over a year ago.

Aryn looked HOT HOT HOT! What a beautiful bride! Everyone kept saying she looked like a doll. Her headpiece was custom made to match her dress, and it was just awesome!

Aryn's dad was awesome. You could see emotion in his eyes as he watched his little girl getting ready. He had the cutest button in his jacket along with a note of the cash to be dished out that day. I love it! Did I mention his name is also Sal?! Sweet.

Aryn's Matron of Honor Tina is beautiful and is such an awesome person. What a great friendship they have! Gotta love the face Aryn is making here. She cracks me up. This family has the "Sal face" and the many faces of Aryn to keep them entertained!

Sal looked so handsome with those dimples showing all night. He was all grins from the moment Aryn walked down the aisle.

It was absolutely freezing out side so everyone moved at top speed to the party bus and car.

One of my favorite images from the church. I love how Sal is looking at her while she puts the ring on his finger. And there go the dimples!

The room was stunning with a beautiful view.

Aryn makes the best faces. She is so expressive and it makes her even more fun to photograph. It reminds me of me. I am good for a few fun and crazy faces at any given time.

There were so many lovely ladies at the reception. This photo reminds me of the America's Next Top Model photo that is released at the beginning of each new season and Aryn is Tyra all front and center.

Ok... so you haven't been to a wedding reception until you experience the groomsmen tying their ties together and playing jump rope. REALLY!! I had a ball watching these guys jump rope, and even a few brave ladies jumping in their heels.

NEW YOOOORK concrete jungle where dreams are made of... I am pretty sure that is the song that was playing when I took this photo. Am I correct Aryn? Everyone, including me, went crazy when Empire State of Mind played.

It was freezing outside and we were right on the waterfront. We probably spent 2 minutes flat taking a few photos outside of the venue. It was definitely worth the next 2 shots!

Aryn & Sal thanks so much for making me a part of your big day!

Dress:  Lazaro Bridal purchased at The Wedding Salon in Manhasset, NY
Bridesmaids Dresses:  Lazaro
Make Up:  Gina Tucci - shadesofmakeup.com
Hair: Jaclyn Matthews
Shoes: Bebe
Venue & Catering:  Marina Del Rey
D.J.:  Top Notch Music Productions in New Rochelle, NY


  1. fantastic Nas! the bride looks fabulous. you captured their day perfectly.


  2. Just beautiful Nas! Great Job! Your shots always look amazing! You have given this couple the greatest gift, which they will cherish for years to come! Love always, Krystal

  3. Nas........That was OUTSTANDING!!!!! You truly capture the emotion and essence behind the occasion. Girl, your heart goes into your work AND IT SHOWS!! I know they must of been sooooo thrilled to have chosen you as their photog!!!! She almost looks like Meadow Saprano, from the HBO special that I loved. You made them look so beautiful!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

  4. These are awesome. You are a wonderful photographer. I love the colors and sutilty of the shots.


  5. Girl, you did an incredible job with this! They should be so happy!

  6. Nasilele your work just keep getting better.......i admire your drive. Please don't ever stop taking pictures. They say God touches everyone, but i think he left his hand on you a little bit longer than everyone else.

    your boy, Aziz aka Mike MIlk

  7. AMAZING job as always! *Almost* makes me want to get married (but only if I can just take the pretty pics and not actually do the wedding part...lol)

  8. OH---and she kind of looks like Eva Longoria in the pic on the right above the ring pics :)

  9. Nas, these are simply amazing....you have captred so much emotion on what is truly a special day! great photography!!!

  10. Every shot is amazing! Your captions are funny, emotional and perfectly descriptive! Great work!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous photos!!! Love them all!

  12. These are all stunning! The bride and groom will cherish these forever :) Very beautiful work!

  13. Beautiful couple, awesome photography :)

  14. The bride is beautiful! I love the photo of her down the hallway going into a room. CLASSIC! This collection had a variety of shots and styles. The one of the bride singing is great tooo! NEW YORK!!

  15. I super swear these are some of the best pictures I have EVER seen of any single event!

    Great job!!

    I can't wait for my own shoot!